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Our Products

Digital & Analog Headend

It is used for carry out distribution of transmissions from different sources such as digital satellite in central SAT/TV distribution systems, internal video transmission, security cameras.


Digital Satellite Distribution Centrals are devices that makes sharing satellite broadcasts between subscribers possible.


We provide you with everything new in the world of satellite receivers DVB-S2 ,IPTV, OTT .


Our company supplies different kinds of products. High quality and favorable price.

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50 /40 /30 Meters HDMI- cable suitable for use in HDTV,Home Theater,Receivers,DVD/ Blue Ray ,X Box 360 and Business Class Projectors based applications. Transfers completely uncompressed Audio/Video signals at warp speed of 10.2 Gigabytes per second, without compromising purity …Read More

Why us?

Testing tools

we have got the latest technology of spectrum analyzer that developed to meet demanding customers,analyzer makes measurements fast and easy.


All Products have Certificate of the country of origin & CE Certificate.

Competitive Pricing

a company applying competitive pricing strategy and succeeding to stay profitable and maintain its market share on the market.

24 Month Guarantee

All equipment and installation is guaranteed for 24 months.

25 Years Experience

Satlink is a well established company specializing in satellite Centralized Systems. With more than 25 years’ experience, we have expert knowledge to on hand to provide you the best solution.

Great Support

Our dedicated team of support personnel work around the clock to ensure that you have everything you need, and that we can solve the problem the first time..